The Benefits of Dental Implants

Some excellent information from Dr Gardee at The Smile Clinic in Glasgow delivered in a relaxed and understandable way.

Do you have damaged teeth or one or more that are missing? Have you decided it’s time to do something about it? If so, the good news is that there is a whole industry dedicated to helping you get the help you want. However, the bad news is that, with so many options to choose from, you could wind up picking the wrong one. To help with your decision, think about the following reasons so many people love dental implants. You can also watch the Youtube video below which is an excellent introduction .

Second Only to the Real Thing

In just about every way that matters, dental implants are basically the best option besides actual teeth. Dental implants are stable, strong and durable. Best of all, though, it looks and feels the part perfectly. No one will notice your implant is fake and you’ll quickly start treating it like the real thing: talking, eating, laughing, etc. without issue. You can find out plenty more information about implants on the Association of Dental Implantologists website here

Long Lasting

Dental implants need very little maintenance from you. Every once in a while, they may need an adjustment, but that’s hard from an emergency procedure and the same dentist who helped with the implant can take care of it for you. However, with proper care, your implants will be with you for your entire life.

Now compare that to some of the best alternatives. For example, traditional bridges that rely on your other teeth need to be replaced ever five years or so. If you take great care of them, they may make it closer to seven to 10, but that’s it.

Stay in Place

No matter how good they look or real they feel, no one wants to deal with fake teeth that are going to run the risk of exposing themselves at some point. Most of us have heard horror stories from people who had their teeth fall out or click around while they were in a social situation. This is embarrassing in the moment and sometimes lasts for minutes until you can get them back into place.

You’ll never have to worry about dental implants causing this kind of problem for you though. Once they’re in place, they literally become a part of your body. It’s virtually impossible for them to come loose. In fact, if you did decided you wanted them removed, you’d have to have a professional do the procedure for you.

As a result, people with dental implants tend to be far more confident. They don’t dodge social situations or have problems being outgoing and expressing themselves.

Stay in the Entire Time

Along the same lines, you’re never needing to take out dental implants to drop them in a cup at night so you can wake up to a fresh smile. Never again worry about running out of solution to keep your teeth in or the fact that you knocked the glass over at night. Don’t ever worry that someone will notice the utensils in your room and realize your smile isn’t real.

When you go to sleep at night, the dental implants join you.

Protect the Rest of Your Mouth

Going with dental implants ensures that the hole in your mouth where the other tooth used to be is now covered. This helps in a big way by ensuring that diseases like gingivitis can no longer sneak in and cause serious problems for you.

Plus, as implants don’t depend on other teeth in your mouth like dental bridges, you don’t have to worry about a real tooth having to get ground down or otherwise adjusted to prepare them for the procedure.

For all these reasons and more, dental implants make a great solution for those who would like a smile free of missing teeth.


Dental Fear – There is help out there


Many thanks to Dr David Cashel, an experienced dental practitioner with a special and long term interest in patients who are frightened of the dentist. There’s more information on his website page phobia and there’s also plenty of information on this wikipedia page about fear of the dentist.

Picture of Dr David Cashel dental fear expert

Afraid of the Dentist?

One of the most common fears out there isn’t public speaking or even death, it’s going to the dentist. Even though the profession exists solely to help the public with a very important area of health, most people do everything they can to avoid a dentist appointment. However, some people have a legitimate phobia that can keep them from a dentist’s chair for years, even if it means putting their health in serious peril. While somewhere between 5% and 10% probably have this type of extreme fear, closer to 20% hate going to the dentist enough that they’ll only go when it becomes completely necessary.

The Root of This Fear

It’s not hard for most of us to understand this kind of fear, even if we don’t share in it. Sitting in a dentist’s chair is never fun. At some point, it also generally involves sharp objects and at least minor amounts of discomfort. That being said, a good amount of people who fear the dentist associate their anxiety with a feeling of giving up control. They don’t like feeling as vulnerable as they do when in a dentist’s chair.

Other people simply have anxiety issues to begin with. They may have disorders or stress brought on by domestic violence, war, sexual abuse, etc. Going through any type of stressful situation, then, will trigger much greater amounts of anxious.

Be Assertive and Upfront About Your Fear

Trust me, dentists know that most of us would rather not visit them. They won’t be offended if you make it perfectly clear that you have a phobia about coming in for an appointment. One of the main problems with dentistry is that a lot of dentists simply assume that everyone has the same threshold for pain. As such, they often cause undue pain to their patience without ever knowing it.

So let them know upfront that you don’t like being there and that the pain and discomfort may have something to do with it. If you do feel pain at some point, simply let them know.

Go to a Specialist

Furthermore, many dentists specialize in patients who have a phobia of seeing them. These dentists will go out of their way to create an environment that is as calming as possible. They may provide you with anesthesia to help numb any pain or uncomfortable feelings you’d otherwise feel. Today, there are even TVs attached to the ceiling so you can watch shows and distract yourself from what’s going on in your mouth.

These dentists are also great about handling your nerves and the type of personality that hates being in the chair. They’ll constantly ask for permission to do certain things, so that you’ll always feel in charge. You’ll also be notified before they start any new procedure so you see it coming and aren’t taken by surprise. This is also a good way to help the patient feel assertive.

Go with Someone

It’s easy to become fearful when your mind has plenty of time to collect nerve wracking thoughts. Even if you get to the dentist’s office, you may soon leave if sitting in the waiting room means you have time to think about your fears and allow them to grow greater. Consider bringing someone you trust, then, who doesn’t fear dentists themselves, but understands your issues. They can help keep you distracted and feeling safe when you’re waiting for the dentist.

Don’t be ashamed of your fear of the dentist. Chances are more people have this kind of phobia and simply don’t admit it. However, you shouldn’t let this fear impact your health. Instead, think about the above and make an appointment as soon as possible.