What is the best way to fix missing teeth?

How to Fix Missing Teeth

Everyone wants a better, straighter, brighter, healthier smile. This is why so many people buy whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, get braces, etc. However, of all those in need of help, it’s hard to argue that people with missing teeth may be at the front of the line. Missing teeth, especially toward the front, are especially noticeable and can leave people practically unable to smile out of shame. If this sounds like you or someone you know, consider how the following methods can help you smile better than ever before.


This is the old standby just about everyone is familiar with. If you have missing teeth, dentures can be molded to your mouth and made to look like your normal smile. Then you simply adhere them to your gums and take them out at night for a regular cleaning.

The main drawback to dentures is that they can easily fall out while you’re talking, laughing or eating. Even the quickest moment of them popping out means that food can jump between them and your mouth or gums, causing more problems.

Removable Bridge

One popular method to solve this problem is called a removable bridge. This solution can address areas where multiple teeth are actually missing. As the name sounds, the underlying apparatus resembles a bridge, attaching at the two teeth bordering the area where the others are missing. Of course, prosthetic teeth are attached to the spine of the bridge so people only see what appears to be a normal smile.

Bridges can be removed as well, making it simple to apply basic cleaning necessary for maintaining your healthy smile.

Dental Implants

The most natural way of solving the problem of missing teeth is with dental implants. It’s really as simple as that. With this method, metal studs are drilled into the jaw line where your teeth are missing. Then prosthetic versions are attached to these metal components. The result is a tooth or teeth that are permanently bonded to your mouth.

Despite how severe this method is, rest assured that the finished product is plenty comfortable and looks great. It’s also extremely easy to talk with these teeth in place too. There is a great video explaining the procedure on the Dental FX website.


Veneers are largely used by those who want a prettier smile, but have all their own teeth. They simply want each one to be as white as possible and are sick of other solutions. It’s also a good way to take care of smiles that may involve a crooked tooth or two.

However, more and more, people are using this popular method to solve the problem of having missing teeth. Veneers bond with concrete right to your teeth, but if one or two are missing, the application will simply covering the area with a prosthetic. Not only will you get full mouth of teeth, you’ll also have them extremely white for 10 years before needing them replaced.

No matter which application you pick, don’t go another day with missing teeth. Having the perfect smile is probably a lot simpler than you think.

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